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Sound Energy promises a huge gas tank in Tendrara

British drilling company Sound Energy is looking more optimistic weeks after it has expressed the same sentiment about the exploitation and marketing of an important reserve in the TE-10 well in Tendrara, the country’s Far East between Fijig and Oujda. Previous preliminary results have been disclosed promising the presence of reserves of raw materials and gas in the surface, which may indicate the presence of mobile hydrocarbons in the tank of the point of exploration.

Following the drilling and launch of the testing phase, which is still ongoing, the transfer of the exploration equipment has been initiated to a new point to commence exploration at TE-11 in the eastern region itself. As part of the TE-10 results analysis phase, 57 samples collected at the site were sent to ALS Limited for analysis, which is available in laboratories based in Britain.

The first results so far indicate that the materials explored in the above location remain of the same type as the Explorer in the TE-5 well, which is available according to data provided by the British prospectors on an exploitable reservoir. They are also preparing a commercial marketing development project E5, which, like other exploitable areas, will need to construct production vehicles, a central gas processing facility and a gas pipeline of 120 kilometers to export gas. As previously reported and strong results are announced, the new data are no longer as surprising as they can be considered in the context of assurances.

Sound Energy has previously predicted that the capacity of the TE-10 would average 2.7 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves, 5 trillion as little as possible, with the highest expected estimate of 4.5 trillion cubic feet, which means that the figures will be huge if actually released in the final results after the completion of work on a final.

TE-10 will see intense testing in the next few weeks, and to give exact figures in this context, the situation will be associated with the size and shape of the flows at this point. If the test period is too high, and if there is turbulent flow between the rise and fall, the tests are somewhat slow depending on the strength of the flows. Sources has already noted that a geologist has confirmed that, in all cases, and even more pessimistically, the TE-10 reserve can be identified by the middle of this year as far as possible.

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