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Sound Energy wants to export gas from Morocco to Spain

The British company Sound Energy plans to commission a new gas pipeline to supply gas to Morocco and even export it to Spain and Portugal, after Algeria’s closure of the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline.

The non-renewal of the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline forces Morocco to accelerate the implementation of its energy policy. The kingdom plans to install 3,900 MW of renewable energy and increase the use of natural gas by 2030 to reduce CO₂ emissions. This is thanks to the British company Sound Energy, which intends to supply the Moroccan market with gas and even to export the surplus to Spain and Portugal.

As a first step, the British company plans to entrust Italfluid with the construction of a small liquefied natural gas plant. In this sense, it has already concluded an agreement with Afriquia Gaz, a company holding 44% of the country’s market, to start production of this gas within the next 24 months. In a second step, Sound Energy will commission a new gas pipeline to connect the Tendara source to the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline.

This new infrastructure, 120 kilometers long, should have a transport capacity of 67,000 m³/h and a diameter of 20 inches. Enagas and Elecnor have been involved in this project since 2018. The Moroccan authorities, for their part, have already signed with the British company the first permits necessary for the start of work. In addition, Morocco plans, in the medium term, the construction of a gas pipeline connecting it to Nigeria.

Algeria’s decision not to renew the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline crossing Morocco, created a loss of nearly 80 million euros for Spain’s Naturgy, which operated the pipeline.

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