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Spain emphasizes the importance of cooperation with Morocco

The Spanish Secretary of State for Security, Ana Botella, stressed the importance of cooperation with Morocco in the fight against illegal immigration in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Because of its proximity, Morocco is one of the “most important” countries for Spain in this area, Ms Botella noted during a press conference on the occasion of a visit to the coordination center for monitoring illegal immigration to the Canary Islands.

The two countries have held different meetings in this regard, said the Spanish official, noting that this cooperation is behind the increase in the number of interceptions at sea of ​​improvised boats with clandestine migrants. She also noted that both Morocco and Spain are suffering the consequences of the change in the route of illegal immigration to the western Mediterranean. “Morocco is suffering from this route change at the same level as Spain,” Botella said, noting that this is a “situation that is not easy” for both countries. And noting that the fight against illegal immigration is not only limited to safety, hence the importance of European cooperation, international cooperation and investment in the countries of origin, so that their populations do not have to leave them. The Spanish Foreign Minister also insisted that Europe needs regular and orderly immigration and notes that this is necessary to combat the trafficking networks.

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