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Spain increases expulsions of Moroccan nationals

Since the beginning of the year, Spain has stopped arresting and deporting Moroccan nationals to Morocco. At least, those that the Spanish authorities consider a threat to the security and tranquility of the country.

According to Media, three jihadists suspected of belonging to “Daesh” have been arrested recently by the Spanish intelligence services. In addition, the Spanish authorities have expelled three Moroccans accused of threatening the security of Spain.

In this context, a Moroccan immigrant has also been arrested. He is accused of frequent visits to sites with jihadist content showing how to make explosives. Another Moroccan national, who had broadcast a video threatening to carry out an attack in Spain, as well as other people suspected of belonging to a terrorist cell, was apprehended.

Moreover, the Spanish police had extradited at the beginning of the month in Morocco a 42-year-old imam who was working in the town of San Agustín, in the south of the country, for activities threatening public security. He had radicalized himself and indoctrinated a salafist speech the faithful who came to pray in the mosque in which he preached.

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