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Spain reopens its borders with Morocco from July 1

Deconfinement continues in Europe with the opening of the borders scheduled for June 21 by Spain. Thanks to this decision, Moroccans will once again be able to travel all over the Schengen area.

Closed for almost three months due to the covid-19 pandemic, Spain’s airspace is finally opening up to travelers, including Moroccans.

According to the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, only Portugal wanted this date to be postponed to July 1. As of June 21, the quarantine requirement for travelers from Schengen countries will disappear.

As for the borders with third countries included in a list agreed at European level, including Morocco, they will be gradually opened from July 1, reassures the Prime Minister at a press conference. Three requirements will be taken into account during this gradual reopening. The first concerns the epidemiological situation which must be similar or better than that of the European Union.

Morocco, which has launched a gradual deconfinement, in recent days displays a much better epidemiological situation than that of Europe. To date, there have been 7880 remissions, 8921 new infections and 212 deaths from covid-19. As for the other requirements concerning the health conditions to be fulfilled and reciprocity in the reception of passengers, Morocco is preparing to open its airspaces from next July 10. Clearly, Moroccans will be able to travel freely when the Schengen area opens.

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