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Spain: The healthiest country in the world

Spain is ranked first in the world’s healthiest countries, according to the Bloomberg healthiest country index 2019.

Spain won five places in this year’s ranking, compared to the previous edition of 2017 where it was ranked 6th, obtaining a score of 92.8 out of 100, says in this study, whose results are relayed Monday by the Spanish media.

The Iberian country is followed by Italy, Iceland, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Singapore and Norway, the study continues, adding that these results could be the result of the lifestyle of inhabitants of these countries who have a predominantly Mediterranean herbal diet, plenty of whole grains, legumes and nuts, and usually use olive or canola oils. Spain is, according to the same Bloomberg index, praised for the good quality of its health system and its diet, rich in vegetables and extra virgin olive oil, which is among the best in the world.

This study emphasizes that the life expectancy of Spaniards should be the longest in the world by 2040, ahead of Japan, Singapore and Switzerland. The Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index ranks 169 economies according to the factors that contribute to overall health. It takes into account several variables, such as life expectancy, while imposing penalties for risks such as smoking and obesity.

It also takes into account environmental factors, including access to drinking water and sanitation.

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