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Spanish drugs sold 100 times more expensive in Morocco

A report from Spanish media revealed that some drugs, not exceeding half a euro in Spain, are sold in Morocco at 60 euros (more than 600 dirhams), 100 times their original price. This reflects the dramatic rise in prices of these drugs in Morocco, used especially by the drug lords in the manufacture of hallucinogens and psychostimulants.

In one of its newsletters, the media accused, after discovering the illegal market that exists for this type of drugs, pharmaceutical lobbies to monopolize the sector to sell, at exorbitant prices, these products intended to the manufacture of drugs in Morocco. The same channel called on the Moroccan government to intervene to regulate the price of drugs imported from Spain in order to put an end to these activities.

A few days ago, a Spanish journalist, made a report on the illicit drug traffic to know how this phenomenon affects the Spanish pharmacies who suffer lately from a “shortage”. The journalist revealed that smuggling networks involve doctors and pharmacists who sell drugs in Morocco at a price exceeding 800% profit.

Recall that international reports have revealed that the Moroccan citizen pays more money than citizens of other countries to obtain drugs, as the report of the Committee on Finance and Economic Development of the House of Representatives, in which he It is revealed that prices were exceptionally high, when compared to other countries such as Tunisia and France.

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