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Spanish government plans to remove “barbed wires” in Ceuta and Mellila

Spain’s Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska has unveiled new measures his country intends to take to solve the problem of migrants, notably removing barbed wire at Ceuta and Mellila by 2019 and finding ways to repatriate Moroccan minors.

Marlaska said that his country intends to remove barbed wire permanently in some areas with tight surveillance cameras beginning in 2019, and announced during an oral questions session of the Spanish Parliament that they are studying ways to return Moroccan minors who have migrated illegally to the Kingdom.

Marlaska pointed out that Moroccan minors occupy the first rank among migrant minors in illegal ways in Spain, adding that the number of minors is among the 12,000.

The spokesman pointed out that the deportation will take place within the framework of respect for the rights of these minors, noting that the file was discussed with the Moroccan authorities during the recent visit by the Spanish prime minister to Rabat.

Since his appointment, the Spanish Minister of the Interior has expressed interest in the situation of migrants. He has declared that the removal of barbed wire, which has caused serious and deadly wounds to illegal immigrants, is among his priorities.

“This is one of my priorities, and a report must be prepared so that we can take other measures”, Marlaska said. “I will do everything possible to remove the thorny fences in Ceuta and Mellila”.

“It is not reasonable or acceptable to see these people crossing the walls”, he said. “We can carry out pre-emptive operations and help migrants in their countries of origin”.

“We are talking about solidarity and respect for the dignity of the person, while controlling migration flows”, Marlaska said.

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