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Spanish navy rescues 54 Moroccans off Ceuta coast

In the early hours of the morning, Spanish Coast Guard rescued 54 Moroccan migrants aboard three boats belonging to human trafficking organizations after trying to exploit the occasion of the Christmas Eve celebration of the 25th of December each year for secret immigration.

The sources from the Spanish Civil Guard said that the process of intercepting the three boats was on the coastline adjacent to the foot of the occupied Ceuta, noting that the intervention of the Maritime Rescue Force was on the notice of the Center for Protection and control of coastal security in the southern province of Andalusia.

According to the same sources, the Spanish authorities have raised the level of security alert for fear of the mass infiltration of security guards surrounding the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, explaining that this heavy security presence, which included, in particular some hot spots, seeks to secure the New Year celebrations.

Three illegal immigration boats tried to leave the coast of Ceuta at various times of the day, saying that the incident could be considered historic, especially since the region had not witnessed a similar event in several years.

The media platform added that the first security intervention took place at around 2 am, ended with the arrest of 10 candidates for secret immigration, while the second and third intervention took place between 4:00 and 5:00 am, and resulted in the rescue of 47 elements who hoped to reach the coast of the Iberian peninsula.

The newspaper also reported that all of them, in good health, had been transferred to the port city of Ceuta to be investigated. The Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered a thorough investigation to determine the origin of the trapped boats and the identity of the watchful elements to organize such trips endangering the lives of foreign migrants.

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