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Spanish press: Mohammed VI and Pope Francis have a common goal

The visit made, at the end of March in Morocco, by Pope Francis, at the invitation of King Mohammed VI, Amir Al-Mouminine, comes “to confirm the Moroccan exception”, underlines the Spanish magazine Atalayar entre dos orillas.

This exception is “based on the modernization of the institutions of a secular Kingdom with deep historical roots” and which is, at the same time, open to the world and to the other, apart from its religion, says the monthly magazine in its last issue of April.

In an article under the title “Pope Francis, guest of Amir Al-Mouminine”, “Atalayar” notes that this visit “was an opportunity to highlight the importance of the concrete actions carried out by Morocco on several levels , including the promotion of moderate Islam in Africa and other regions”, notably through the Mohammed VI Institute for the Training of Imams and Morchidates in Rabat.

“The Kingdom works to preserve Islam and protect it from those who want to invest in ignorance,” says the magazine, noting that the Sovereign clearly affirmed this desire of Morocco in His speech on the occasion of the visit of Pope Francis.

And to add that the removal of the pontiff to Morocco is “the incarnation of a common front of the representatives of monotheistic religions working for the eradication of terrorism in all its forms, regardless of its sources”.

In another article devoted to the same subject, entitled “Message of Tolerance between Religions”, the magazine pointed out that the “historic” visit of Pope Francis to Morocco was intended to promote rapprochement between religions and to launch a message of tolerance to the world.

King Mohammed VI and the Supreme Pontiff have a common goal: “to support tolerance and dialogue between different religions, including Islam and Christianity”, continues Atalayar, who also returns to the program of a displacement rich in symbols and in meetings.

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