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Special Olympics 2019: 47 medals for Morocco including 12 gold

Morocco won 47 medals, including 12 gold, 13 silver and 22 bronze, at the 15th World Summer Games – Special Olympics – which ended Thursday night in Abu Dhabi.

Placed under the theme “Meet the Determined”, the Special Olympics – Abu Dhabi 2019 World Summer Games brought together some 7,500 athletes representing 192 countries and participating in 24 sports. The 40 athletes of the Moroccan delegation competed in 11 disciplines.

Morocco has won 12 gold medals in six sports. In Triathlon, Mohamed Houdaïfa (22 years old) who has traveled the triple race (swimming, cycling and running) in 1 hour, 7 minutes and 15 seconds has been crowned. In Athletics, Moroccan athletes Said Razzouq (31) and Yassine Zhumi (25) each won 2 gold medals in the 100m race and 2 gold medals for the Long Jump.

In Swimming, Morocco distinguished itself in a very nice way with 4 gold medals: Amal Bouazzaoui (15 years old) won two medals, in 50m and 100m freestyle. Chaimaa Goummi (15 years old) and Mehdi Fadol came in top of the podium for the 100m freestyle.

The precious metal was also gleaned from Bocce (Single), by Hidaya El Kheir Allah (17), by cycling by Saad Ben Hommadi (17) for the 5km race against the clock, and by Weightlifting by Marouane Amallah for the Raised soil test (132.50 kg).

Morocco also won 13 silver medals in 7 disciplines. In Athletics, in the Long Jump events, the medals were won by Imane Haddadi (24) and Zineb Minraoui (24) and in the 1500m race by Mohamed Houdaifa (22).

In swimming, Hanane Ouazzani Touhami (15) and Ilyas Bouyi (18) won a silver medal in the 100m and 50m freestyle.

In the prestigious Yas Links golf course in Abu Dhabi, 27-year-old Zouhair Ahmed Hajji earned the silver medal in the category “Individual Men’s Competition – Level 1”.

In tennis, the money was won by the duo Houda Amine (24) and Safia Harrat (32).

In weightlifting, the champions Mohammed Abbad (24 years old) and Marouane Amallah (23 years old) scored their participation with 2 silver medals each, in the 74kg and 120kg categories respectively.

In badminton, the silver medal was won by the duo Khadija Jiouar (19) and Wasima Znibi (17). And in cycling, Saad Ben Hommadi (17) came in second place in the 2km race against the clock.

As for the bronze medals, the Moroccan athletes won 22 in 9 disciplines.

In Riding, 4 medals were won by young riders Amine Ahabchan (18 years old) (3 medals) and Hatim El Atrach (17 years old) (1 medal). In Athletics, Ghizlane Amaddah (33) and Zineb Minraoui (24) won two medals for the long jump and the 100m race, respectively.

Two bronze medals were won in Swimming. The first by the swimmers team in the Freestyle 4x50m relay category and the second by Hala Mouhcine for the 100m freestyle.

In Table Tennis, three medals were pocketed by Najlae Haddouch (19) and Fatima Ezzahra Belfassi (23), (2 in single and 1 in doubles).

In cycling, Mohamed Hail (26) came third in the 2km race against the clock. In Weightlifting, Mohammed Abbad (24) won two other medals in the 120kg category.

Players Tariq Bahmad (38) and Oussama Boukha (23) each won a bronze medal in the Bocce single competitions. Houda Amine (24) also won a bronze medal in Tennis, in the Single category.

In Badminton, 21-year-old Adnan Oumanni, 21-year-old Youssef Essakhi, 17-year-old Wasima Znibi and 19-year-old Khadija Jiouar won bronze, while Adnane Oumanni (21) and Youssef Essakhi took the bronze medal. (21 years old) won a fourth.

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