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Speculation worries small investors in the stock market

A large sell-off of the shares of Alliance, Addoha and Brasserie du Maroc in the major deals market led to a significant fluctuation in the share price of the Moroccan real estate company, owned by the Moroccan billionaire Alami Lazrak.

Responsible in the brokerage firm said they did not know who made the sale of the shares of a group of companies in the big deal market, especially the shares of Alliance and other companies, which lost rates ranging between a weekly average of 4 to 11 percent.

The total number of shares traded in the major transaction market was nearly 139,000 shares valued at 22.4 Million MAD for Sodep Marsa Maroc, which lost 10.68 per cent of its weekly market value and more than 1.47 Million shares of Addoha, About 6.54 per cent of their weekly market value.

In addition, Alliance shares traded on the Casablanca Stock Exchange during the week were worth 470,000 shares worth 26.25 Million MAD, of which 320,000 were traded in two separate trades this week.

Maroc Telecom, Attijari Wafa Bank and Banque Centrale Populaire have been able to maintain an advanced ranking of companies that are widely accepted by Casablanca Stock Exchange traders.

The total number of shares traded during the previous week of Maroc Telecom was 84 Million MAD, which the company controlled 12.49% of the market.

Attijari Wafa Bank controlled 20.22 per cent of Casablanca’s total trading, while Cosumar’s share was 15.81 per cent.

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