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Statistics: Senegal is inspired by Morocco

As part of its cooperative relations with the African National Statistical Institutes, the Office of the High Commissioner (HCP) received a delegation from the National Agency of Statistics and Demography (ANSD) of Senegal for a study visit focusing on the Moroccan experience in the field of national accounts.

This visit is part of the process of accompanying this institution for the upgrade of its system of national accounts aims to deepen the methodological approach for calculating the quarterly GDP and was for the Senegalese delegation an opportunity to discuss with the experts of the HCP on the implementation of the SNA2008, backcasting of the accounts and analysis of the economic situation.

The summary session allowed both parties to assess the quality of the exchanges made and to express their joint desire to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two institutions and to extend it to other areas, particularly those of the analysis of economic conditions and the correction of seasonal variations.

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