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Telecom: Inwi launches the first 100% digital brand

Inwi announced on April 4, 2019, the launch of a new “100% digital telecoms operator”, a world first according to its management: “Win” by Inwi.

The announcement follows a teasing campaign through a video that has accumulated more than 2 million views on Youtube in a few days. In recent weeks, all theories have been mentioned and everyone has gone from his prognosis after sharing the hashtag #ckoiwin.

The veil has finally been lifted! This is a real revolution in the telecom landscape in Morocco! inwi launches “win”, the first 100% digital brand. ”Win” is an interactive and evolving universe where 100% of the courses and services, from the subscription to customer support, are dematerialized.

A brand that offers an unprecedented accessibility and generosity and that allows the customer, for the first time in Morocco, to configure, at any time and with complete freedom, its offer and all services subscribed. The new operator will rely on a native mobile application on iOS and Android, which offers “exclusive digital features so that each user can become an operator in itself,” said the management of Inwi.

Available on Android and iOS application and also on the web, “win” is a brand in line with its time and with the digital habits of Moroccans. It responds to their desire for freedom and immediacy.

To achieve this, Inwi claims to have profoundly transformed its information systems. Inwi has adopted, among other things, an open and flexible modular architecture, and has created marketing modules that communicate directly with social networks.

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