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Telecoms: Ham radio, user manual

A battery, a radio and an antenna: that’s all the radio amateur needs to communicate with the rest of the world in the event of a complete breakdown of the telecommunications network. The followers of this hobby are everywhere in the world.

In Morocco, amateur radio stations can only be operated if the operator holds a restricted radiotelephone operator’s certificate (CRR) and an amateur license issued by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT), entity responsible for certification.

The number of people registered with the regulator and holding a CRR is currently 1,615. With this in mind, the ANRT and the Royal Association of Radio Amateurs in Morocco (ARRAM) regularly organize certification exam sessions according to the applications received.

Anyone wishing to become a radio amateur can contact Arram who can assist him in the preparation of the exam by providing theoretical courses and practical training to familiarize himself with the use of equipment.

The last exam session for the Radiotelephone Operator’s Restricted Certificate took place on April 20, two days after the celebration of World Amateur Radio Day. “The success rate of this contest was 90%,” announces the regulator. Today, more than 3 million operators are certified worldwide by the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU).

After obtaining the CRR, a call sign (unique international call sign) is assigned to the amateur, which he can use on a station authorized by the ANRT. He can also have his own station. To benefit from it, he must first apply for a license to operate and pay royalties.

Many radio amateurs use their devices as a means of communication when they are in remote areas. All use the Q code, the language common to radio amateurs around the world. The most talented speak Morse. Amateur radio is not just a hobby. It is also a recognized activity of public utility.

In the event of a natural disaster or severe weather, the activity can be very effective if all the telephone lines are cut. The radio frequencies proved very useful to facilitate the organization of the relief during the earthquake of Agadir on March 1st, 1960, which made more than 15.000 deaths.

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