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Ten Moroccans in the new Israeli government

The Israeli Knesset finally approved, on Sunday, May 17, the government of national unity, formed by Benjamin Netanyahu and his ex-rival, Benny Gantz. 10 ministers of Moroccan origin are included in this list.

After more than a year of procrastination and three votes, 73 deputies in the Israeli parliament have just ratified the final list of the new Executive of the Hebrew State, which will be headed for 18 months by Benjamin Netanyahu before giving way to Benny Gantz.

Consisting of 36 ministers, fairly sorted within the Likud of Netanyahu and the centrist formation of Gantz, the largest government in the history of the country, called government of “union and emergency” called to face the pandemic of the coronavirus, includes 10 members of Moroccan origin.

Below is the list of 10 political figures, of Moroccan origin, charged by the Israeli Prime Minister with ministerial portfolios:

  • Amir Ohana: Minister of Internal Security, born in Bir Sabaa, in 1976, of Moroccan parents
  • Arié Dery: Minister of the Interior, originally from Meknes
  • Miri Regev: Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, born in Kariat of Moroccan father and Spanish mother
  • Amir Bertz: Minister of Economy and Industry, born in 1952 in Bejaad
  • Rafi Peretz: Minister of Al Quds Affairs and Heritage, born in Al Quds, in 1956, of Moroccan parents
  • Orly Levy Abekasis: Minister for Community Strengthening and Promotion, born in 1973 of Moroccan parents
  • Merav Cohen: Minister of Social Equality, born in Al Quds in 1983, of Moroccan parents
  • Michael Biton: Minister responsible for civil matters, born in 1970 of Moroccan parents
  • David Amsellem: Minister responsible for relations with parliament, born in Al Quds in 1960, of Moroccan parents
  • Makhlouf Zohar: representative of the alliance in parliament, born in 1980 of a Moroccan father and a Tunisian mother.

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