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Tesla components made in Morocco

The manufacture of automotive parts for the Tesla brand of billionaire Elon Musk entrusted to the American company STMicroelectronics, located in Bouskoura in the Casablanca region, propels Morocco into the electric vehicle market. It is fast becoming the first African country to enter this market.

STMicroelectronics is about to inaugurate a new production line of chips for electric vehicles at its factory in Bouskoura following the choice made in Morocco by billionaire Elon Musk. “Morocco’s entry into microchip production propels the kingdom to the top of the table. Thanks to the agreement reached by STMicroelectronics and Tesla, Morocco could manufacture electric vehicles,” wrote Professor Michael Tanchum in a recent article published on the Middle East Institute.

This announcement makes Morocco the first African country to enter the emerging market for the export of electric vehicles, noting that globally there has been a glaring shortage of electronic chips. A shortage that Morocco will fill. By the way Morocco is emerging as an automotive manufacturing hub for European manufacturers. This, thanks to booming industrial logistics and its large African container port, Tanger Med.

“Morocco, with a production capacity which will increase to 700,000 vehicles per year in 2023, has surpassed South Africa as a hub for automobile construction on the African continent”, declared the French economist Henri-Louis Védie. The expert observes that the presence of the European auto giants has been of great benefit to the kingdom, in that it has strengthened its position in automotive exports.

“In 2019, sales by the Moroccan automotive industry represented 27.6% of the kingdom’s exports. These companies have attracted 200 other international suppliers operating their own local manufacturing plants. Morocco has been able to gain the confidence of industrialists and has demonstrated its potential thanks to the quality of its skills and its infrastructure,” said Henri-Louis Védie.

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