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The 5G network threatens the world with catastrophic risks

A prominent human rights activist warned against the spread and activation of the Internet’s 5G networks, which could pose catastrophic health risks to humans.

The work of the activist, Arthur Firstenberg, revolves around the problems caused by electromagnetic radiation and its negative consequences on public health.

He says high-speed radiation can infect humans and animals with cancer, and may amplify the symptoms of the “hypersensitivity disorder”.

In a serious effort to stop the implementation of the “5G” projects around the world, Firstenberg is working on a wide processing of 40,000 signatures, to be presented to the European Union, the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

“The deployment of 5G networks is an experiment on both humanity and the environment, which is a crime in accordance with international law,” the petition said.

With the launch of networks around major US cities such as Los Angeles, Houston and others, Firstenberg spoke to the media: “What happens can lead to a global catastrophe. When mobile phones were launched in the late 1990s, many people who were sensitive to These networks. The US death rate increased by 5-10%”.

Despite warnings about Internet and mobile phones, a wide range of scientific studies have yet to prove any concrete evidence of the impact of radio radiation on human health.

But at the same time, many scientists and doctors doubt the fact that the benefits of spreading “5G” outweigh its potential risks to human health.

It should be noted that the speed of the network “5G” more than one hundred times the speed of the current “4G”, which requires the deployment of new wireless towers, and more than 300 thousand, in the United States alone.

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