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The “agricultural agreement” frustrates Polisario

The Frente POLISARIO launched its new diplomatic year after the renewal of the European Union’s agricultural agreement with Morocco and moved strongly towards the renewal of the maritime fishing agreement. The separatist organization issued a statement condemning what it called “the illegal and shortsighted decision of the EU Parliament to extend the trade agreement Between the European Union and Morocco to the occupied territories in Western Sahara,” as he put it.

“The vote was conducted in an environment free of scrutiny and transparency, and its results are a direct blow not only to human rights defenders and to international law, but also to the UN-led peace process,” the statement said. The EU says it supports them.

The Frente POLISARIO has exerted great pressure within the EU through the movements of its representative in Europe, Mohamed Ould Sidati, which the separatist leader continues after his remarks on Wednesday evening saying: “The European Union with this decision has a negative impact on collective international efforts and strengthens its current unstable situation”.

“It is unreasonable and logical for the European Union to permanently ask the parties to the conflict to avoid taking steps that could threaten the peace process at a time when it is willingly taking a step that is in conflict with the provisions of its Supreme Court,” the spokesman said.

A member of the Rabat Center for Political Studies said that “what happened is a sign of the failure of the separatist propaganda approach, which was launched prior to the vote of the European public opinion, the same things that the Polisario tried to promote through young people and people living in the European Union to talk about imaginary desert situations that only exist in the leaves of the Bouhali and the palace of Alger.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation welcomed the adoption by the European Parliament, by an overwhelming majority, on Wednesday in Strasbourg, the agricultural agreement concluded between the Kingdom of Morocco and the European Union.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the agreement ratified today affirms beyond any doubt that “agricultural products and fishing products from the southern provinces benefit from the same tariff preferences as those covered by the Convention,” and added: “The agreement also confirms that any agreement covering the Moroccan Sahara can not negotiate and to sign it only by Morocco in exercising its full sovereignty over this part of its territory.”

It is noteworthy that the European Parliament voted Wednesday, in public session in Strasbourg, overwhelmingly the agricultural agreement between Morocco and the European Union, by 444 votes, 167 against, and with abstaining 68 of the 751 European deputies representing 380 million voters from the 28 member states.

On the other hand, the maritime fishing agreement continues its positive course within the European Union institutions. The new agreement on sea fishing between Morocco and the European Union was signed on Monday, at the EU headquarters in Brussels, after they signed it on the 24th of July in the capital Rabat.

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