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The beautiful gesture of Achraf Hakimi towards a child

The father of Moroccan player Achraf Hakimi, a German footballer, went to Safrou to visit the family of Yousuf Tamimi, 6 yers old, who wore a plastic bag, which was published through his Facebook account “I wish the family of this child to write to me and thank you.”

And the father of Achraf Hakimi, went to the home of the child Yousuf Tamimi, the owner of the plastic shirt, in the area of ​​Tazuta in the province of Safrou and met with his family and got to small child a ball and sports robe and a number of gifts and was given to his family living under difficult social conditions financial, who has difficulty speaking while his father suffers from cancer.

According to sources, Achraf Hakimi will host the admirer child during the month of March in the city of Casablanca, and will reserve a room in a hotel at his own expense to spend a few days with him.

One of the associations helped connect Achraf Hakimi and the family of the child, who gained the sympathy of many through social networking sites. The young Dortmund defender, who has not failed to provide assistance to Tamimi’s family because of its difficult circumstances, also held a child’s party in his home in Boulmane.

A five-year-old Afghan boy had made a similar move two seasons ago to get Lionel Messi’s shirt. He also managed to meet the best player in the world 5 times. He got two signed shirts, one with Barcelona And the other with Argentina.

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