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The Cervantes Theater now belongs to Morocco

The Government Council, meeting in Rabat on Thursday, approved two bills approving two international agreements between Morocco and Spain, presented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The first draft law No. 15.19 concerns the agreement signed on February 13 in Rabat between the Kingdom of Morocco and Spain on cooperation in the fight against crime, said the Minister in charge of Relations with the parliament and civil society, government spokesman Mustapha El Khalfi, in a statement read at the end of the weekly meeting of the council.

This agreement aims to strengthen the cooperation between the two Kingdom in the fight against crime, especially organized crime in all its forms, in accordance with the legislation of both countries, added the minister.

It also establishes cooperation between the two countries in particular in the areas of the fight against terrorism and its sources and means of financing, attacks on the life and physical integrity of persons, arbitrary detention, kidnappings, crimes against property, drug and psychotropic substances trafficking, human trafficking, illegal trade in arms, explosives, radioactive, biological and nuclear materials as well as dual-use products, money laundering, illegal financial transactions and economic and financial crimes.

The second agreement concerns the draft law No. 16.19 approving the protocol signed on February 13 between the Kingdom of Morocco and Spain concerning the irrevocable donation of the Grand Cervantes Theater of Tangier, said El Khalfi: the theater Cervantes belongs now to Morocco .

Under this protocol, Spain irrevocably cedes to Morocco the Great Cervantes Theater of Tangier, including the land on which the theater and building is erected, he explained.

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