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The Chariot Oil & Gas platform begins drilling in Morocco

Oil and gas exploration company Chariot has announced the arrival on site of the Stena Don drilling platform and the “immediate” start of operations on its Lixus permit.

The Stena Don drilling platform has arrived on site under its Lixus permit, off the coast of Morocco, to drill on the Anchovy gas development project, the company said in a statement.

The work, which will start immediately and will last 40 days, will allow two operations to be carried out.

The first will be to drill the Anchovy-2 appraisal well. Subsequently, it will be a matter of reintroducing the Anchovy-1 well, which had already been drilled, in order to carry out additional work.

This operation will have to confirm the volume of gas resources, potentially 28 billion cubic meters (m3), assess the quality of the reservoir and the productivity of the well, but also extend it to other possible discoveries of extractable and marketable natural gas.

Chariot owns a 75% stake and operates Lixus in partnership with the National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines ONHYM which holds a 25% stake.

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