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The Citroën Ami begins its marketing in Morocco

Fruit of the collaboration of the European and Moroccan teams of the Stellantis Group, both for design, engineering, purchasing and production since it is assembled in Kénitra, the Citroën Ami is beginning to be marketed in the Kingdom. It intends to highlight several of its assets to appeal to a clientele anxious to travel at a lower cost and wishing to tame the urban jungle.

With its very original silhouette, customizable at will, its innate sense of parking and its electric motorization, the Citroën Ami is an interesting alternative to two-wheelers, public transport, even classic cars, and for those or those who do not (and even those who do) have a driving license. Without forgetting the companies which can see in it an adequate vehicle for the mobility needs of their employees.

Does he remember that the Stellantis Group and Barid Al Maghrib signed an agreement in October 2020 for the delivery of 225 Citroën Ami manufactured in Kénitra and which will be assigned to the mail and parcel distribution network of Barid Al-Maghrib.

Its ultra-compact size of 2.41 m and its turning radius of 7.20 m make it the ideal tool to find a parking space, however small it may be. There is a tendency to reserve it for exclusively urban use, given its speed restricted to 45 km/h, but certain roads outside urban areas may be part of its scope of action. On the other hand, of course, there is no question of taking a fast lane or the motorway which are prohibited for cycles, mopeds, tricycles and quadricycles (a category to which the Friend belongs) according to the Highway Code.

On board, there is plenty of space for the driver and passenger, who are seated far behind the windshield, creating a pleasant feeling of space. Good point for the doors that open wide and make it easier to get on board. There are seats with spartan comfort as well as basic plastics, but they fully fulfill their role. The instrumentation features a monochrome display that shows the basics, including speed, battery charge, and remaining runtime. Note, however, that when it comes to safety equipment, there is no airbag, let alone ABS or ESP.

There is no doubt that the Ami has a particularly advantageous cost per kilometer compared to its small electric motor. Delivering 6 kW of power, the latter offers instant acceleration at start-up, with torque available immediately. Good point for this electric unit which does not require special maintenance. It will simply be necessary to monitor the state of wear of the brake pads and tires.

It should be noted that recharging its 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, located flat under the floor, is easily done via the on-board electric cable. Once the machine is powered on, three hours are enough for a full recharge on a conventional 220V outlet. Also, the Ami can be recharged at a public terminal or a WallBox with a suitable cable. Except that this charging device is not yet legion in the Kingdom.

Still, even if the 75 km of autonomy are sufficient on a daily basis for going to work, shopping, and for professionals, making certain trips in urban areas, you must always think carefully and plan your travel time to do not get stranded. Note that Citroën Maroc offers the machine from MAD 99,900 (subject to VAT at a rate of 20%), with a credit from MAD 489 per month.

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