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The disturbing figures on marriage and celibacy in Morocco

Several international reports draw a pessimistic assessment of the institution of marriage in Morocco, stating that celibacy in the kingdom has reached 40% in 2018.

8 million Moroccans are single when they reach the age of marriage. A report from a British organization ensures that 40% Moroccans in the age of marriage are single. This places Morocco at the same level as countries such as Egypt.

According to the same source, the British organization explains this trend by the pressure of everyday life and social and family pressures and a certain image of single women in Morocco. The daily adds that the institution of marriage suffers enormously from celibacy, especially since the kingdom is considered a conservative country.

In the other figures published in this report, we find Bahrain leading the Arab countries in the realization of marriages with a rate of celibacy of only 25%. This rate is 30% in Yemen, 40% in Egypt and Morocco, 42% in Jordan and Saudi Arabia and 50% in Algeria. Tunisia closes this ranking with a single rate of 62% in 2018.

According to the report, the figure of celibacy is 60% among women but several feminist and women’s rights groups have downplayed this figure and ensure that these data are inaccurate without giving their estimates.

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