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The Federation attracts Argentina by one million dollars

The Argentine Football Association has confirmed the presence of its first national team, full of stars, to Morocco, in order to play a friendly match preparatory for the upcoming benefits, on March 26 next, in Moulay Abdellah Stadium in Rabat, led by world star Lionel Messi.

The Federation has donated $ 1 million to the Argentine counterpart in order to admit to Morocco and play the match, which is part of the preparations for the upcoming African Cup of Nations, only 3 days after Malawi’s match. Which the latter holds for the “2019” qualifiers.

The participation of Messi, who is expected to stamp on his first participation with the Tango since participating in the World Cup Russia last summer, remains essential and among the conditions provided by officials of the Federation of the Moroccan football to their Argentine counterparts, The league is largely in the absence of the participation of Barcelona star.

The Football League was preparing to face the England team, but the union stuck to the match before the match against Malawi, pushed the FRMF to change the destination towards another giant, before settling on the Argentine team.

The national team had to face Argentina on friendly occasions in 1994 in the Argentine city of Salta and ended with a 3-1 home win over Abel Balbo, Maradona and Hugo Perez. Hassan Kachloul scored for Morocco, while the second match ended at Mohamed V Stadium in 2004 with a loss. The national team also has a clean goal, signed by Kily Gonzalez.

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