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The government completes the “Competition Council” under chairmanship of Guerraoui

A few weeks after King Mohammed VI appointed Driss Guerraoui as the new chairman of the competition council, Saad Eddine El Othmani, the prime minister, issued a decree on Thursday appointing the rest of the members.

El Khalfi, the government spokesman, said in a press conference following the cabinet meeting on Thursday that this decree was issued to complete the series of the exit of the competition council institution from the stalemate it has experienced for many years.

The decree, which was signed by the El Othmani and included in the latest issue of the Official Bulletin, stipulates the appointment of the rest of the members of the Competition Council for a renewable term of five years.

King Mohammed VI gave his instructions to the new president of the Competition Council to ensure that the institution will carry out its tasks in an independent and impartial manner, contribute to the consolidation of good economic governance, increase the competitiveness of the national economy and its ability to create added value and jobs.

During the press conference, the government spokesman said that the competition council has a great role in protecting purchasing power and working to implement the provisions of the law of free prices and competition and to respect the rules of peaceful economic competition.

The Council of Competition, which has been rigid over the past years, is an independent institution, in accordance with Chapter 166 of the Constitution, which is responsible for ensuring transparency and equity in economic relations, particularly through analyzing and regulating the status of competition in the market, monitoring counter-practices and economic concentration and monopoly.

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