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The Hassan II Mosque disinfected before its reopening

The Hassan II Mosque of Casablanca underwent a vast operation of sterilization and disinfection, with a view to its reopening next Wednesday from the prayer of Addohr, like all the mosques of the Kingdom.

This action is part of the preparations of the leaders of these places of worship to welcome the faithful in appropriate conditions, following the decision of the Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs to reopen mosques throughout the national territory.

The operations, carried out by the teams of the local development company “Casablanca Baia”, respond to the concern for precaution and prevention followed in the various aspects of social life to stop the spread of pandemic of the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

The director of the religious building, Mabrouk El Miloud, said in a statement that the Hassan II Mosque Foundation has started, in coordination with the regional delegation of Islamic Affairs and the said society, a large operation of disinfection in prayer rooms (men and women) and other premises to contain the virus and protect the faithful.

He also underlined the commitment of the Foundation to comply with hygiene rules and barrier measures taken by the authorities with full responsibility to guarantee the safety of the faithful, through the provision of hydroalcoholic gel, temperature measurement at the entrance of the mosque, the compulsory wearing of masks and respect for the distance of one and a half meters between practitioners.

El Miloud reiterated the need for his prayer rug, noting that the mosque administration has put up posters to raise awareness at the entrance, while the toilets will remain closed until further notice.

As for the capacity of the mosque which reaches 25,000 people on ordinary days, it will be reduced to 1,000 worshipers in these exceptional circumstances, he said.

For its part, the communications director of “Casablanca Baia”, Jihane Abdelhafid, said in a similar statement that the SDL began disinfection operations in places of worship just after the announcement of the reopening of the mosques of the kingdom, within the framework of an action plan approved by all the actors concerned.

This initiative also comes, according to her, in the wake of the gradual lifting of the measures of the state of health emergency deployed to face this pandemic and to guarantee the safety of the faithful. After recalling the all-out mobilization of “Casablanca Baia” since the appearance of the first case of Covid-19 in Morocco, at the beginning of last March, she assured that the products used in these operations are approved by the competent authorities and comply with international hygiene standards.

Remember that the Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs had announced that it was decided, after consulting the health and administrative authorities, to gradually reopen mosques throughout the national territory for the performance of the five prayers from Addohr’s prayer of Wednesday July 15, taking into consideration the local epidemiological situation and the conditions of health control which will be managed by local commissions at the entrance to the mosques.

The ministry added that the mosques will remain closed for Friday prayer until the announcement of the reopening date to perform the prayer later.

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