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The Ice Swim in Morocco is back

After several challenges raised hands down, Fairouz Chbani and Hassan Baraka come back with a new competition: the Ice Swim in Morocco. A second edition that will start on January 19th.

After having met several challenges, the pair of athletes, formed by Fairouz Chbani and Hassan Baraka, proposes a second edition of the Ice Swim in Morocco at Lake Aguelmam Azegza, from January 19th.

The couple who have the habit of importing each time new disciplines has demonstrated that Morocco was an inexhaustible playground including the Binswimrun in Bin El Ouidane or the Morocco Obstacle Race in Ouarzazate.

This time, they tackle Ice Swimming. As a reminder, Ice Swimming is a swimming competition in cold water, it is a discipline that is emerging all over the world and already has many followers. The goal is to swim in waters around 5°. Several distances will be proposed, ranging from 50 m for beginners, to 1000 m for the bravest! The key distance is the mile (1,600 m), this event validates the Africa stage of the Ice Seven Challenge which is an international competition that consists of making 1 mile on each continent.

“For this 2nd edition, only 8 daring well prepared and selected via their sports resumes will be allowed to start for the mile,” said Fairouz Chbani.

The International Ice Swimming Association (IISA), organizing sports competitions around the world, trusted Fairouz and Hassan to organize the first Ice Swimming events in Morocco. This second edition is also part of the qualifying circuit for the World Championship, which will take place this year in March in Murmansk (Russia).

Supported by the province of Khénifra and the local authorities, the event takes place at Lake Aguelmam Azegza. Ten nationalities from all over the world (United Kingdom, Belgium, Turkey, United States, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, South Africa, Morocco) are expected at the start of this competition as atypical as interesting.

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