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The International Forum “HR Days” invites to develop human capital

The International Human Resources Forum “HR days”, which ended on Saturday in Tangier, called for the development of human capital in order to create a positive synergy among the various local actors.

The forum, in which dozens of Moroccan and foreign experts in the field of human resources have participated, has proposed changing models, since the dynamism of human capital “is not only about the formative dimension, but also, in particular, the educational and cultural dimension.”

Participants pointed to the urgent need to prepare young people for the new professions, to spread the culture of soft skills, to promote a genuine culture of entrepreneurship, and to review the pedagogic curricula from primary to higher education, gradually turning to the reverse classroom model.

The recommendations of the Forum, entitled “The Value of Human Capital in a Changing Economy,” also addressed the need to draw inspiration from some African experiences and review the Labor Code.

Participants also stressed the issue of setting a framework and approach to “forward thinking of the development of professions and the need for competencies in the North.”

The forum, organized by the Moroccan Association of Human Resource Managers in the North every two years, is a platform for the meeting between jobseekers. It has also enabled experts and companies specializing in human resources to discuss a number of current issues in the management and development of human capital.

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