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The King names Latifa Akharbach president of the HACA

King Mohammed VI received Latifa Akharbach at the Royal Palace in Rabat today, 3 December, which he appointed as President of the High Authority of the Higher Council for Audiovisual Communication (HACA).

According to a statement from the Royal Cabinet, the King has also appointed Benaissa Asloun Director General of Audiovisual Communication.

The Sovereign also received Narjis Reghay, Jaafar Kansoussi, Ali Bekkali and Abdelkader Chaoui that he appointed new members of the HACA, and this in application of the provisions of article 9 of the law 15-11 relating to the reorganization of the HACA.

King Mohammed VI also received Fatima Baroudi, Khalil Alami Idrissi, appointed by the Prime Minister and Badia Radi, appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives and Mohamed Maazouz, appointed by the Speaker of the House of Councilors.

The president, the director general and the new members were sworn in before the King.

Latifa Akharbach is a recognized expert in the media field. After teaching at ISIC in Rabat, she headed this institute of journalism. She was then general manager of Public Radio and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

She was finally ambassador of Morocco in Bulgaria then in Tunisia. He is a highly respected personality in the media world.

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