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The Kingdom rejects Amnesty International’s comments

The Moroccan authorities categorically rejected what Amnesty International reported about the trial of detainees in Hoceima incident for “lack of objectivity and impartiality”.

The Moroccan authorities express their categorical rejection of what was reported by the organization Amnesty International in its report that lacks objectivity and impartiality recognized in international standards, said Monday the Interministerial Delegation for Human Rights in a statement.

In the absence of a thoughtful legal reading of the original verdict, the organization’s report, essentially in doubt, renders its position inconsistent with internationally recognized standards, including the fundamental principles relating to the independence of the justice, the delegation said.

The Moroccan authorities thus express their total rejection of the conclusions drawn, which, in turn, lack precision and objectivity, which makes the whole content of these remarks contradictory with the actual and legal data of the case currently before the courts, according to the same source.

The Moroccan authorities, the statement continues, are deeply surprised by the position of Amnesty International, which constitutes a blatant interference in the work of justice and an explicit violation of the most basic standards in this area.

The Moroccan authorities reiterate their total rejection of what has been reported by Amnesty International, insists the Interministerial Delegation for Human Rights, announcing that it will publish, in the coming weeks, a detailed response to allegations reported by this organization.

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