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The King’s anger topple the Wali of Casablanca-Settat

It seems that the faltering projects known to the economic capital hastened the departure of the Wali of Casablanca, Abdelkebir Zahoud, who had only been in office for less than two years. Some sources spoke of the decision to compensate him by the Director General of the National Social Security Fund, Said Ahmidouch, which was chaired by King Mohammed VI.

According to identical sources, the Wali of Casablanca was relieved of this post after a royal outcry over the authorities in the economic capital during King Mohammed VI’s recent visit to oversee the inauguration of the tramway and the expansion of Mohammed V airport.

The economic capital of the Kingdom is suffering from many major projects, not to mention the delay of some of them coming into being on time, making the financial pole of the Kingdom live on the chaos and noise and congestion in the streets, which know major reforms.

Senior political actors in the city, along with businessmen in their meetings, speak of the fact that Wali Abdelkebir Zahoud has done little to the economic capital, and he has not been touched, not to mention the fact that Casablanca has seen many protests and has become drowning in chaos and waste.

The economic capital is unable to overcome the crisis defined by the various streets and neighborhoods, nor to accelerate the release of the projects, which were launched earlier by King Mohammed VI, which should have been completed.

Among the major unfinished projects are the Grand Casablanca Theater, which should have been in existence for a long time, along with the suspended bridge at the level of Sidi Maarouf.

Casablanca, despite the fact that these projects will change their features, is living in anarchy.

At the level of the city center, the ongoing work of the Royal Army Street, the main street of the city, which is an important entry point for both those coming from the coastal road or from Sidi Bernoussi, has contributed to the obstruction of traffic, especially during peak times; leading to collisions and accidents, not to mention differences between drivers.

Work at the level of the road leading to wlad Zayan, the most frequently used road in Casablanca, has also caused a clear obstruction of traffic, to the point that it stops completely at peak times in the morning and evening.

At the level of the well-known bridge at Sidi Maarouf, drivers take longer to overcome the reforms they have known for months.

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