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The last parade of Leila Hadioui

It is in a packed hall, under a capital of a thousand and one lights, that the last procession of Leila Hadioui operated its magic, in the presence of more than 650 guests.

For her fifth parade, dubbed “Empreinte du Temps”, Leila Hadioui opted for the sober as identity, signature, but also as a world of creation.

An “introspective” parade because the young designer has drawn on her own world, her career, her seventeen years old experience…An introspective because it is her own feelings, her strong moments, her ups and downs that we discover in each creation.

Personal accessories, looks that capsize between classic and modern, the new collection of Leila Hadioui does not have a single line of conduct, but several. Like the labyrinth maze, imagined and designed to lead the parade and takes the time to challenge the guests, on the different stages of life of Leila Hadioui. From this first television broadcast to the current notoriety, through the experiences at the cinema, the international shows…

“Empreinte du Temps” is the parade consecration, the culmination of a career, but also the challenge met brilliantly by the young designer. The cape, initial inspiration, this accessory that is not really one. This “unidentified object”, sometimes coat, sometimes scarf…

The cape is transformed, resumes its nobility, marries the dresses, combinations, imagined and created by Leila Hadioui, as in a desire to recreate the complicity between the material, colors and styles.

Wool, cashmere, Tlija, lace, dotted with feathers and stones…Never have these materials been so close, complementary! “Footprint of Time”, a collection that does not look like the previous ones. A collection that has chosen the tone of freedom, acrobatics, past and future that dance together.

An emblematic collection, very subjective, inspired by the labyrinth of life, the breadcrumb trail and the saving light.

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