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The Lixus site reopened to the public

The archeological site Lixus reopened Saturday after a period of restoration. The ceremony to reopen the interpretation center of this site near Larache was chaired by Minister of Culture and Communication Mohamed Laâraj. It is the oldest metropolis in the Kingdom, and one of the oldest urban centers in the western Mediterranean.

Spread over an area of ​​62 ha, this metropolis was built by Phoenician traders in the eighth century BC, and was active for nearly 22 centuries, where its existence has passed through the times of the Phoenician era (since the end of 12th century BC), in the Mauritanian period, and the Roman period, then the late Islamic era.

“Our work at the Lixus site is not finished. Its archaeological components and its economic potential are, in fact, able to earn it an international consecration from UNESCO,” said Laaraj, adding that the ministry will set up a program of excavations with a budget to highlight its treasures of archaeological and historical value.

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