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The message of Pope Francis to King Mohammed VI

Pope Francis on Thursday expressed his gratitude to King Mohammed VI for his “benevolent invitation” to visit Morocco.

In a video broadcast by the Vatican News Channel on the eve of the Pope’s visit to the Kingdom on March 30 and 31, Pope Francis said he will come, in the footsteps of his predecessor Pope John Paul II, “as a pilgrim of peace and fraternity in a world in great need of these values”.

Here is the complete translation of the message read by Pope Francis:

“Dear people of the Kingdom of Morocco

Assalamou Alaykoum

I will soon visit your dear country for two days. I give thanks to God for this opportunity that He has offered me. I am grateful to His Majesty King Mohammed VI for His kind invitation and to the Moroccan authorities for their generous cooperation.

In the footsteps of my predecessor Pope John Paul II, I will come as a pilgrim of peace and fraternity in a world in great need of these values.

As Christians and Muslims, we all believe in God, the Creator and the Merciful, who created men and settled them in the world to live together as brothers who respect each other in diversity and help each other in the world. need. He entrusted them with the land, our common home to help each other preserve it with responsibility and save it for future generations.

It is for me a joy to share with you directly these beliefs during the meeting that we will organize in the city of Rabat.

This visit will also offer me the precious opportunity to meet the Christian community in the Moroccan land and to encourage it. I will also meet migrants who embody the call to build a more equitable and more inclusive world.

My dear Moroccan friends, I thank you warmly for your hospitality and above all for your prayers, by reiterating my prayers for you and for your dear country and see you soon”.

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