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The Moroccan national team drops to 23rd place in the world

The Moroccan national football team lost a place in the international ranking of teams published this Thursday by the International Football Federation “FIFA”, in August, since it ranked 23rd with a total of 1558.35 points, after being ranked 22nd last month.

Despite this slight drop, the Moroccan team remained in first place in the Arab world, second in Africa, behind Senegal, which is ranked 18th in the world, with a total of 1584.59 points, while Tunisia is ranked third with 1507.86 points, followed by Nigeria with 1504.07 points, then Cameroon with 1484.95 points and Egypt ranks sixth with a total of 1482.63 points.

Brazil maintained their position at the top of the world rankings with 1837.56 points, followed by Belgium in second place with 1821.92 points.

Argentina ranks third, France fourth, England and Spain sixth, Italy seventh, the Netherlands eighth, Portugal ninth and Denmark tenth.

Iran remained at the top of the Asian team standings, followed by Japan, then South Korea in third, Australia in fourth, Qatar in fifth, Saudi Arabia in sixth and the United Arab Emirates in seventh.

The ranking of African teams in the FIFA rankings is as follows:

1. Senegal is the 18th African country in the world with 1584.59 points.

2 . Morocco is second in Africa, 23rd in the world with 1558.35 points.

3 . Tunisia is third in Africa, 30th in the world with 1507.86 points.

4 . Nigeria is fourth in Africa, 31st in the world with 1504.07 points.

5 . Cameroon are fifth in Africa, 38th in the world, with 1484.95 points.

6 . Egypt is sixth in Africa, 40th globally, with 1482.63 points.

7 . Algeria is seventh in Africa, 41st in the world with 1480.59 points.

8 . Mali is eighth in Africa, 46th globally with 1447.74 points.

9 . Ivory Coast is ninth in Africa, 52nd in the world, with 1435.91 points.

10 . Burkina Faso is 10th Africa 55th in the world with 1425.64 points.

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