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The Ocean Dream, the boat of peace that stops in Tangier

Over time, the boats accompanied the Man in his evolution. Indispensable during major wars, conquests, and also for subsistence through fishing, they have been transformed and are now an integral part of modern commercial and military systems. But not only. Boats are also nowadays closely related to current topics. Proof of this is the adventure of Aquarius.

This boat carrying migrants on board, banned from landing by Italy, which had given rise to a true epic to Spain. Or the new flagship, brand-new, ultra-fast patrol boat Ocean-Warrior from the Sea Shepherd Marine Environmental Conservation Society, which is stalking the Japanese whalers. May 28, it is another ship that will make the news Japanese but also Moroccan. Operated since 2012 as a floating university by the Japanese NGO Peace Boat, which fights for peace in the world, the liner Ocean Dream will make a stop in Tangier for the third year in a row.

For five years, Ocean Dream has been the arm of Peace Boat, an organization founded more than three decades ago to promote peace, human rights, environmental protection and sustainable development, through a concept of “global university” based on education, sharing, exchange and experience. So far, it has seduced more than 50,000 young people of different nationalities. And Moroccan youth will not be left out.

In addition to the Tangier Young Leaders Council, the Moroccan NGO Atlas For Development will participate in this special initiative of the UN Secretary-General, administered by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). A program whose essence is to invite young people from Small Island Developing States (SIDS), to travel aboard the ship to educate them about the impacts of climate change as part of the Ocean Ambassadors program which will start on May 24 in Malta. For Hatim El Otmani, president of Atlas For Development, Morocco’s participation in this program is not surprising “given the Kingdom’s leadership in the fight against climate change and its African position regarding energy. renewable”.

The 205 meters of the Ocean Dream will be moored at the port of Tangier for a few hours before taking off to Portugal. In the meantime, Hatim El Otmani promises an optimized, rich and varied programming “given the time constraint, that the Peace Boat will arrive at 7am and leave for Portugal at 17h, we tried to diversify the program. In the morning, we will visit a project in the Tangier region related to climate change and sustainable development. A discussion between the young ambassadors of the Peace Boat and their Moroccan counterparts will follow”. And to conclude: “The afternoon will be punctuated by activities on board the boat. Different panels will be organized on climate change and its relationship with the Sustainable Development Goals, Education, Peace, Migration, Economy and Oceans”.

The seas of the globe are not just the playground of the Ocean Dream. As you may have guessed, the oceans are also part of his concerns. Moreover, the 250 sailors who make up its crew, aim to drive the ship to its final destination, New York, and more precisely in Manhattan, on the occasion of World Oceans Day.

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