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The PlayStation 5 is confirmed for a launch in 2020

The PlayStation 5 will be entitled to a very boosted data sheet. It is that suggests that Mark Cerny, architect of the system of the Japanese company for the development of the consoles. This indicates that it will not be available until 2020 on the market.

Sony will be absent from the E3 2019, scheduled for early June in Los Angeles, USA, but that does not prevent the company to fuel the fire of its next-gen console with gamers.

The speculation around the PlayStation 5 is becoming more commonplace, especially since the gaming industry knows a change of course, including the presentation of new platform Cloud and Stream gaming.

Google opened the ball with Stadia, while Microsoft talked about an appointment at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), to present its Xcloud Project.

Following an interview with Peter Rubin of Wired, Cerny said that Sony’s future console, whose development has been underway for 4 years, is more than just an update of the PS4 in all its variants.

It seems that the next-gen console will offer new features, especially for virtual reality, but also augmented reality. The game development kits for the console were distributed at the beginning of 2019 to the various studios of the company, in order to develop the universe of the console.

The speculation around the PS5 indicated that it would offer performance doubled compared to those of the PS4 Pro, which is itself a real “beast” in the middle of home consoles.

Indeed, the console has a shielded data sheet, since it ships an AMD Jaguar octa-core chip, a graphics processor AMD Radeon of 36 cores, coupled with 8 GB of RAM and 1 GB dedicated to the launch of applications in background, in addition to a 1 TB hard drive storage.

The superhero movies

The console will have in this sense an AMD graphics chip, whose performance is unknown, but also a CPU AMD Ryzen octa-core engraved in 7nm based on Zen technology of second generation.

The console will ship a unique Radeon Navi GPU, since it will be compatible with ray tracing technology, which allows you to model objects in 3D based on the speed at which light bounces off surfaces, but complex in the environment.

This technique is also used in the largest Hollywood productions today, including superhero movies. Concretely, this will offer the possibility of having a graphic rendering of surfaces, such as water for example, which duplicates “perfectly” the real environment.

In addition, the console is equipped with an audio chip that reproduces sounds perfectly, from simple whispering, through footsteps on different surfaces, to the most screaming.

The PlayStation 5 is therefore a console that will allow players to have an immersive experience, playing on their senses, without the need to ruin useless accessories.

Cerny said that the console will have a RAM SSD, to maximize the speed of its performance, in addition to more than enough storage space for updates and installation of games on it.

In terms of availability and price, the developer has indicated that it is likely to be released in 2020, and that its price will be much higher than older generations of consoles, but will be the range of gamers.

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