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The Points Guy: RAM last in the ranking

A Royal Air Maroc long-haul flight in economy class was ranked last Friday October 30 by the American site “The Points Guy”, a specialist in air travel. This is criticized for poor quality service and catering with meals that are almost incompetent.

The national airline obtained the lowest score in this ranking. The investigations were carried out by Benet Wilson, a journalist from the American site. She boarded RAM’s Casablanca-Washington long haul. When he got on the plane, his first observations were oriented towards hygiene on board. She found that the plane was not cleaned enough.

To this must also be added the narrowness of the seats and the lack of wifi for watching the film programs offered by RAM. For the reporter from “The Points Guy”, it was the worst flight she has ever taken.

The other complaint against the company concerns the meals and drinks served on board. Regarding the meal, a dish of vegetables and chicken, he was “overwhelmed.” The meal was “drier than the Sahara desert,” she lamented. For the meal service, Benet Wilson gave a score of 2/15. As for drinks, the journalist was deprived of the white wine requested from the hostesses. His successive calls for more water have been unsuccessful. Worse, she was pushed from the kitchen to her seat when she stood up to protest.

Clearly, she only got one dinner, two coffees, and two sets of water the entire trip. “This is undoubtedly unacceptable for any airline, regardless of class,” insisted the journalist. This treatment during the trip earned Royal Air Maroc 2 meager points.

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