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The position of US ambassador “wanted” in Morocco

Since January 2017, a new ambassador of the United States has not arrived in Rabat to enter the third-year vacancy series under the administration of US President Donald Trump.

This vacancy will continue indefinitely after the US Senate failed this week to confirm the appointment of David Fischer as the new ambassador to the United States in Rabat before the end of the legislative term and returned it to US President Donald Trump.

Not only is David the only appointment that the Senate has returned to the White House, but also a number of other appointments. Joseph McManus was appointed by Trump as his country’s extraordinary ambassador to the Republic of Colombia, as well as other appointments in the Ministries of Commerce, Health, Justice, Export.

Trump was appointed ambassador to Morocco in November 2017, replacing former ambassador Dwight Bush, who left the embassy in 2017 with Trump winning the presidential election against Hillary Clinton.

Fischer is a businessman who supports Trump in the campaign, the CEO and owner of a company considered one of the largest privately owned car sales companies in the United States.

Fischer, during a hearing by US senators, said Morocco was one of his country’s oldest allies and stressed that there were significant economic opportunities in the areas of trade with the kingdom.

According to Fischer, Morocco is one of the few countries associated with the United States under a free trade agreement, and is seen as an important platform for US companies in other markets.

In order for the new ambassador to arrive in Rabat, he must have the approval of the US Congress, but this could not make the post vacant until now.

The US Senate’s re-appointment to the White House means re-appointing new names, but this delay feeds questions about Trump’s position on relations with Morocco, especially in the context of unprecedented remarks by John Bolton, the national security adviser, on the Sahara issue.

Trump appears to be showing greater interest in the Middle East, while ambassadorial appointments in a number of countries in the world have been slow. He has paid little attention to the African continent as compared to his successor Barack Obama, given his African origins.

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