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The President of the ECOWAS Parliament in Casablanca

Casablanca hosted on yesterday, a friendly gathering including Moustapha Cissé Lo, Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament, Alfredo Cristovao Gomes Lopes, Ambassador, Director General of Legal and Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guinea Bissau, Consuls honorary of some African countries, the associative actor and honorary citizen of the Senegalese city of Louga, Said Abdelkader El Figuigui and a small group of businessmen and intellectuals.

It is the president of the commune of Youssoufia in the region of Safi, former president of the commune of Ain Chock in Casablanca, Said El Aroui who took this initiative.

The discussion allowed Mr. Cissé Lo to affirm that for him Morocco is already a member of ECOWAS despite the persistence of certain resistances. For him as for the ambassador of Guinea-Bissau, there is no reason for Morocco’s application for membership of ECOWAS does not succeed. On the contrary.

In addition to the ECOWAS Parliament which has already agreed to Morocco’s membership, the participants at this Wednesday’s meeting emphasized the contribution of civil society. As Mr. El Figuigui explained, African civil society must play a key role in the realization of Moroccan demand and beyond in the development of inter-African cooperation. It is through the action of civil society that governments will be led to go further.

Mr. El Aroui, former MP, businessman and nonetheless activist for African integration has always been ready to take initiatives that can move towards rapprochement between countries of the same continent for the good of all.

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