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The seawater desalination plant in Laâyoune will be soon operational

Abderrahim El Hafidi, Director General of the National Office for Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE), learned during a field visit of the progress of the production strengthening project drinking water for the city of Laâyoune through the construction of a new seawater desalination station.

During this visit, the head of ONEE was able to assess the preparations relating to the commissioning tests of the first unit, which consists of the construction of a new desalination station with a production capacity of 26,000 m3/d from coastal boreholes.

The commissioning of the station, the cost of which is 370 million dirhams, is scheduled before the end of 2021, according to Abderrahim El Hafidi, adding that it is a “structuring and strategic project” for provinces in the South of the Kingdom and which will have “very positive” impacts on the economic and development dynamics that the region is currently experiencing.

Mr. El Hafidi also specified that this flagship project will increase the production capacity of drinking water to 60,000m3/d and thus meet the drinking water needs of the inhabitants of Laâyoune and El Marsa as well as Foum El Oued and Tarouma beyond the 2035 horizon.

ONEE has also scheduled the implementation of the second phase of the said project, which consists of a direct seawater intake over a 2 km stretch and an adaptation of the pre-treatment system to strengthen the raw water supply to the desalination. At a total cost of MAD 300 million, the work relating to this phase is scheduled before the end of 2023.

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