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The signing of the Moroccan-EU fishing agreement

On Monday, the Moroccan-EU fishing agreement was signed at its headquarters in Brussels, including the Moroccan Sahara.

The new agreement between Morocco and the European Union, in particular, sets out fishing areas and conditions for European fleet access, with an annual transfer of 40 to 52.2 million euros (plus 30 per cent).

Under this Agreement, the Parties agreed on requirements to improve the impact and benefit of the local population in the regions concerned.

On the other hand, in order to preserve the sustainability of marine resources and the protection of the marine environment, technical requirements have been included in this Agreement.

Many observers in Brussels considered that the ratification of this agreement today by the EU member states constitutes a clear response to the maneuvers and attempts to disrupt the partnership with Morocco in this field which has been going on for many years.

It is also an answer to questions about the inclusion of the Moroccan Sahara in this agreement, given that the fishing zone extends from latitude 35 to latitude 22, from Cape Spartel in northern Morocco to the White Cape in the south of the Kingdom.

The agreement also responds to questions about the benefit of the population, since it provides for the requirements of the population to ensure socio-economic benefits, especially in the field of employment, infrastructure and basic social facilities, and the creation of enterprises, vocational training and projects to develop and modernize the fishing sector.

It also provides for the increase in the number of Moroccan sailors in European vessels for a variety of vessels.

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