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The TF1 report that overwhelms Saad Lamjarred

The show “Sept à Huit” on TF1 broadcast last Sunday a report on Saad Lamjarred with many testimonials.

TF1 talks about the rape cases that concern the Moroccan singer and gives the floor to Laura Prioul who accuses him for more than 2 years. “He became violent and I hit his face. (…) The more he hurt and the more it pleased him,” insists the alleged victim. “Sept à Huit” also reveals that two other alleged victims are ready to testify against Saad Lamjarred: a Moroccan and an Algerian.

“The first said to have been violated in 2015 in a hotel in Marrakesh. The second tells of being assaulted in October 2017 in Paris with a friend of Lamjared”, says Laura Prioul, with exhibits. “I was offered 1 million euros to withdraw my complaint,” says Laura Prioul.

The plaintiff of Saint-Tropez would have received a message offering him 200,000 euros to drop the case. Me Fédida, the singer’s lawyer recognizes the existence of this message, but says that his client does not know where he comes from. Moreover, Saad Lamjarred has always denied all that is blamed.

Saad Lamjarred was summoned by the French Justice on February 8, 2019. An encounter that was to seal the fate of the singer a little more. But no information has filtered as we publish this article.

Last December, the Moroccan singer still very controversial, had been released under judicial supervision by the Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence. His lawyer spoke of “parole”.

Saad Lamjarred was arrested at the end of August in Saint-Tropez, after a 29-year-old woman was charged with “aggravated acts of rape” and charged on 28 August. Incarcerated for more than two months at the Draguignan Prison, he had finally obtained a parole at a time when no one expected.

He is not allowed to leave France and has handed over his Moroccan passport to justice Currently in Paris, he is obliged to “point once a week” at the police station closest to his residence. He had also left a deposit of 75,000 Euros to be released.

Moreover, the star of the pop is still out of business in his trial where he is accused by Laura Prioul of rape. Meanwhile, the singer prepares an album with Fnaire.

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