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The visit of the Pope to Morocco seen by the Spanish media

Pope Francis’ official visit to Morocco is an impetus for interreligious dialogue, the Spanish media noted, which has given wide coverage to this event of great scope and agreement among followers of monotheistic religions.

For Spanish public television (TVE), Pope Francis’ visit to Morocco carries two essential messages: to promote interreligious dialogue and to encourage the international community to act with solidarity and compassion in the face of the migratory phenomenon.

The EFE agency notes that King Mohammed VI, Amir Al-Mouminine, and His Holiness Pope Francis pleaded on Saturday in Rabat for tolerance and dialogue between Islam and Christianity, adding that the first day of the visit of the Sovereign Pontiff to Morocco “was loaded with symbolic acts”.

Spanish media focuses on the official welcoming ceremony of His Holiness Pope Francis at the esplanade of the Hassan Mosque in Rabat, “the most emblematic place” in the Kingdom’s capital.

Taking up passages from the speeches of HM the King and Pope Francis, the EFE agency notes that the two religious authorities were interrupted several times by the applause of thousands of people present during the ceremony despite the heavy rain.

The Spanish press agency also underlines the importance of the Al Quds Appeal, signed by King Mohammed VI, Amir Al-Mouminine, Chairman of the Al Quds Committee, and His Holiness Pope Francis.

“Pope Francis and HM the King defend the freedom of worship at Al Quds” titled the agency Europa Press, which notes the great scope of the Call of Al Quds, signed by HM the King and the Sovereign Pontiff opportunity of this visit.

Under the title “A multidimensional visit”, the newspaper La Razon underlines Sunday that the visit of Pope Francis to the Kingdom is the fruit of dialogue, respect and tolerance between religions, recalling that Morocco was the first Muslim country visited by a Supreme Pontiff, Pope John Paul II in 1985.

The Spanish daily reports that this visit by Pope Francis materializes the meeting between two religious authorities, describing this meeting as “important” for all monotheistic religions.

Under the title “Rapprochement with Islam”, the newspaper El Mundo notes that the Sovereign Pontiff mobilizes, during this visit to Morocco, “land of a moderate Islam”, “all its symbolic capital for the promotion of interreligious dialogue”.

During this visit, two religious authorities pledge to work together for peace, harmony and fraternity, notes the publication, highlighting the role of HM King Mohammed VI, as Amir Al-Mouminine in the rapprochement between monotheistic religions.

“For Pope Francis, interreligious dialogue is not a simple rhetoric, but one of the main objectives of his pontificate,” El Mundo pursues, calling the “Call of Al Qods,” signed by SM, “historic” King Mohammed VI, Amir Al-Mouminine, Chairman of the Al Quds Committee, and His Holiness Pope Francis.

The ABC newspaper focuses on Pope Francis’ call from Rabat for the eradication of the causes that force so many people to leave their country.

The newspaper notes, moreover, that HM the King emphasized, in His speech delivered Saturday on the esplanade of the Hassan Mosque, the role of the three Abrahamic religions in the fight against radicalism.

Under the title “The Pope claims to remedy the causes of immigration”, El Pais notes that the Sovereign Pontiff pleaded for the search for ways to eradicate the causes of this phenomenon.

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