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The World Bank grants loan to Morocco for public sector modernization

The board of directors of the World Bank has approved a loan of 450 million dollars to support the reforms implemented by Morocco in the area of ​​governance.

Building on previous World Bank governance programs in Morocco, the Public Sector Performance Results Program (ENNAJAA) aims to improve the performance and transparency of government operations and service delivery, said the international institution in a press release.

The program is structured around three axes. The first aims to improve the efficiency and transparency of public expenditure and to improve the way in which resources are allocated.

The second axis aims to improve revenue collection and compliance with tax obligations. Public administrations at local and central levels are faced with complex tax policies which lead to a sporadic system of tax audits resulting in large tax gaps which, in turn, reduce the financing capacity of major development programs. To address these constraints, the program will aim to simplify the existing framework for local taxation and take advantage of control mechanisms aimed at broadening the tax base.

The third axis focuses on improving the foundations of digital transformation. In particular, it promotes the digital connectivity of government administrations aimed at providing users with integrated access to public services, as well as the production and publication of data on a principle of open access to all.

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