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The world’s largest desalination plant will be built in Morocco

The National Water Plan includes the installation of seawater desalination stations in several cities, including Casablanca, where 300 million cubic meters of water will be produced per year from 2027.

Morocco, bordered by 3,500 km of coastline, has been experiencing seawater desalination in the Saharan provinces since the 1970s, said the Minister of water and Equipment, Nizar Baraka. The national water plan provides for the installation of a desalination plant in the city of Casablanca, with a production capacity of 300 million cubic meters per year. It should be “operational from 2027 and could cost 9.5 billion dirhams, excluding land,” said the minister who said that it will be “the largest station in Africa and in the world”. This station will make it possible to “manage differently the water supplying Casablanca and coming from the Oum Rabiî basin, which is already experiencing a deficit, and will also be used to supply Marrakech and the agricultural perimeter of the Doukka”, adds the minister.

“For the time being, we have made a small desalination station in Al Hoceima with a capacity of 6 million cubic meters per year”, informs the minister who announces the imminent end of the works of the large station of Agadir Chtouka Ait Baha, with a capacity of 144 million cubic meters per year, and that of Dakhla as well as “the extension of the desalination of Laâyoune, Tan-Tan, Sidi Ifni, in addition to several demineralization plants, with little almost the same system”. With all these infrastructures, Morocco can “reach 1 billion cubic meters of desalinated water by 2050 for unconventional water related to desalination,” said Nizar Baraka, stressing that “we are on 40 or 50 million meters cubes, including potable water and industrial water used by OCP”.

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