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Time change: French people say “yes” to summer time

The results of the consultation organized by the European Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly on the change of time were revealed. “More than 80% want to end the time change and 59% opt for daylight saving time,” said a statement on Wednesday. On the other hand, 36.97% of the voters tilted for winter time.

This consultation accumulated 2,103,999 responses between February 4 and March 3. A record. Previous consultations “at best a few thousand or tens of thousands”.

“The results are in line with a consultation launched by the European Commission in the summer of 2018: out of approximately 4.6 million participants in European countries, 56% of voters, including France at 52%, were for conserving summer time, compared with 36% in favor of winter time,” a statement notes.

In France, the time change is effective since 1976. A measure whose objective is to achieve energy savings.

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