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Tindouf in Algeria: The Polisario catches fire

The tension remains at its height this Monday, April 15, 2019 in the camps of shame in Tindouf in Algeria, after the clashes that lasted all night from Saturday to Sunday (April 13-14, 2019).

Information from these camps indicates the imminence of a stalemate. Polisarians do not know what to do with the trench warfare that divides sequestered families. Especially since Algerian rapid intervention, gendarmerie and police forces refused to intervene, limiting themselves to remote observation.

As a reminder, on the night of Saturday to Sunday, clashes erupted in Tindouf in Algeria inside the so-called Smara camp in the district called Al Farissia. According to concordant sources, bloody fighting erupted in these places between two sequestered families: Des Oulad Moussa on one side and Oulad Lahcen Ohmad on the other. Both claim a piece of land that was sold to them, without any documents, by Algerian authorities. Proof of the intensity of the confrontation, tents, which serve as housing for the sequestered of Tindouf, were burned. The flames could be seen from a distance, as can be seen from the videos.

These rifts are heralding the end, closer than ever, of the Polisario.

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