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Tourism in Morocco lost 92% of income during the summer

A drastic drop in revenue was recorded for the months of July and August in the Moroccan tourism sector. In her presentation to MPs, Nadia Fettah Alaoui, Minister of Tourism, Crafts and Air Transport, noted the serious consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on tourism and crafts.

The months of July and August were catastrophic for the tourism industry. According to Nadia Fettah Alaoui, the number of overnight stays recorded in this period in classified tourist accommodation structures fell by 92%, while revenues in the sector experienced a dizzying drop of 98% during the same period. In front of the deputies, the minister underlined the bitterness of the actors of the sector which continues to suffer the consequences due to the health crisis. Indeed, during the period from July to August the sector recorded only 1.6 billion dirhams in revenue, a drop of 92%.

During the presentation of the sectoral budget of her department last Monday in Parliament, Nadia Fettah Alaoui, specified that the number of nights spent by tourists not residing in Morocco, in classified tourist accommodation establishments, during the months of July and August did not exceed 50,587 nights, a drop of 98%. This decrease also affected the number of overnight stays booked by Moroccan tourists, which did not exceed 1.02 million. On the professional side, we deplore global losses of 80% of turnover according to a study carried out by the ministry. However, 75% of these professionals said they had not resorted to layoffs during this period, knowing that 57% of professionals had declared that 90% of their employees were on sick leave because of the vagaries of the pandemic.

In her presentation, Nadia Fettah Alaoui also acknowledged that the handicrafts sector has not been spared by the health crisis. The closure of marketing spaces, shopping centers and complexes dedicated to crafts, the cancellation of national and international orders as well as the cancellation of exhibitions and events that contribute to the promotion of handicrafts, have plunged this sector in severe lethargy. In this regard, according to a survey carried out by the ministry in May, 35% of artisans declared that they had stopped working altogether, while 79% indicated that they had a liquidity problem. Meanwhile, 34% of these artisans reported having bank loans, of which 8% were unable to honor their commitments.

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